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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Ontime Hajj Umrah strictly follows the conditions mentioned below and accepts instructions based conditions as per on the instructions.

All these terms and conditions are met with all the services provided by Ontime Hajj Umrah , which is not restricted to attaining visas, passports and any other documents, placed under the terms set out for the clients.

Ontime Hajj Umrah will use their best resources to process the applications for visas, passports, documents at the clients disposal. Herein, we would like to inform that Ontime Hajj Umrah will not be held accountable for any actions taken or changes followed on the instructions of consulate, embassy, servants, couriers and passport offices. Any delay or Rejection of the application is not under the control of the Ontime Hajj Umrah . It will be a sole responsibility of a respected organization and agent will not be held responsible for

1- Incomplete application
2- False documents
3- Incomplete supporting documents

Any expense or further cost will fall under the sole responsibility of the client, arising due to the above mentioned conditions. Tickets should fall under the expense of the client, unless directed by the consulate.

Ontime Hajj Umrah provides all the compiled information on visa and passport with good faith, as per guidance and in accordance with embassies, consulates, or passport offices under any circumstances and conditions. The agent will not take any responsibility or obligation for any errors in the information.

Timings indicated in writing or electronic copy for handling, processing or fees are mentioned in the opening days of embassies, consulates, passport offices, and Ontime Hajj Umrah . It should be taken as working days or weeks, excluding public holidays of the respective organizations of the United Kingdom and Europe. Processing is usually done around by the Ontime Hajj Umrah Agent after 17.30 hours, after receiving the applications. Applications may be subject to Special Lodge Fees, if any urgency is required.

Ontime Hajj Umrah will accommodate the process of visa, passport and other documents as per the given instructions and application form. However, it is the clients responsibility to provide valid visa, passport or documents, along with the information about entering and leaving the country. Furthermore, the client must be clear on providing period of time to stay in the country and/or intended upon the valid purpose of visiting the country.

Passport, Documents or any other items lost, misplaced, damaged, delayed, or destroyed by any couriers, servants or agents shall not be held accountable and the cost of replacing or developing a new one will fall under the expense of the client. It shall be under the discretion of the directorate of Ontime Hajj Umrah .

Whatever fees incurred by the client in respect of the services provided by the Ontime Hajj Umrah shall remain exclusive of any other consular charges. All of the consulate charges, will fall under the sole responsibility of the client. The Ontime Hajj Umrah hold the rights of raising the charges under any circumstances. A total of 3% fee will be incurred on all credit cards.

Refunds are possible upon the earlier request, before the visa application is filed. If so, the total fee of £50 will be deducted from the refund amount. Cancellations after the visa processing will be incurred with full charges. In any case of visa denial or refusal, full charges will be applied. Any refundable embassy charges will be refunded with an exception of handling and service charges.

Payment of Ontime Hajj Umrah falls upon the same time at consular or embassy charges. It is applicable under every circumstance unless instructed otherwise in prior agreement. Any other charges for extra services shall fall under the expense of the client.

Ontime Hajj Umrah reserves the right to contain the passports and documents, until agreed payments are received. Ontime Hajj Umrah reserves the right to charge debit/ credit cards registered with us for difference of fees, fines and penalties without prior approval from the customer. All the amount charged on the card will be informed to the applicant.

Ontime Hajj Umrah reserves the right to refuse any application at no reason, without making any amends on Terms and Conditions.

All the Terms and Conditions shall be followed and governed under the Laws of England.